World Patient Safety Day

Every person around the world will, at some point in their life, take medications to prevent or treat illness. However, medications sometimes cause serious harm if incorrectly stored, prescribed, dispensed, administered, or monitored insufficiently. Unsafe medication practices and medication errors are leading causes of avoidable harm in health care across the world. Medication errors occur […]

96th Anniversary of NIMH

96th Anniversary of NIMH 31.01.2022 Founded as a Mental Asylum in 1926 We take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all staff, well wishers, donors and the leadership though out the decades who contributed to the development and upliftment of NIMH.

World Occupational Therapy Day 2021

World Occupational Therapy Day – 27th October 2021. The theme for this year’s World Occupational Therapy Day is “Belong. Be you.” to promote the power of diversity and inclusion as we work together to build community and resilience.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021 Creating Hope Through Action A Message by Dr Pushpa Ranasinghe, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist on Prevention of Suicide (Sinhala Medium) A Message by Dr Wajantha Kothelawela, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist on psychological support for children and adolescents (Sinhala Medium) A Message by Dr M Ganeshan, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist on Prevention […]

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