Opening Hours: 24 Hours


  • Assessment and treatment of patients who are aggressive at home and difficult to be brought to the hospital using conventional transport.


  • When the request to bring a patient comes from a close relative of the patient, he/she should produce adequate proof about the relationship to the patient and valid information about the patient’s health condition e.g. Diagnosis cards, clinic books.

  • The patient is visited by a team comprise of a Medical Officer, a Nursing Officer/Community Psychiatric Nurse, Psychiatric Social Worker and a supportive staff in an Ambulance

  • Initial assessment of the patient’s condition and the requirement of in-ward care is decided by the respective Consultant Psychiatrist based on the information provided by the Medical Officer, Community Psychiatric Nurse and the Psychiatric Social Worker.
  • In certain cases the help of Police, Grama Niladari and Community members are sought.
  • After the initial assessment, if the Medical Officer decides that the patient needs admission to NIMH, he/she is brought to NIMH in the same ambulance.
  • Fees: The ambulance is sent if the patient’s area of residence is within a 50km radius of the NIMH. A fixed administrative fees of Rs. 1000 and a refundable deposit of Rupees 1000 are charged from the relative. Ministry of Health has given its approval for this project and the cost of visiting the patient is reimbursed from the relatives on mileage basis (Rs. 50 per km).

Telephone Extension: 256

50km radius NIMH Sri Lanka
Approximate 50km Radius
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