Opening Hours: 24 Hours


  • The aim of this secure facility is to house patients who have been referred by the High Courts for assessment and treatment of psychiatric illness.
  • Rehabilitation Unit
  • Horticulture Area
  • Visitors’ Board is held under the chapter 31 of the penal code act no 15 of 1979, for mentally ill patients with major criminal charges who were not fit enough to plea for a long time.
  • Forensic Psychiatry Resource Centre (FPRC): The aim is to coordinate the forensic psychiatry service by keeping forensic records, coordinating outreach clinics, arranging trainings and providing necessary information for the trainees and other health professionals when necessary. FPRC also conducts ‘Open School’ educational programme with National Institute of Education (NIE) every Thursday.
  • Forensic Psychiatry Rehabilitation Unit (FPRU): A structured rehabilitation programme is conducted. In collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), training is given to clients on gardening with the aim of making them independent and knowledgeable gardeners when they return home. Screening clinics are also organised under FPRU.
  • Community Forensic Psychiatry: Under this initiative regular visits were made to prevent reoffending and clinical relapses and identified several high risk patients discharged from the courts in close by areas.
  • Out Reach Clinics: Click here to view our outreach clinics.

Telephone Extension: 243 (Ward 21) / 125 (Ward 25) / 434 (Resource Centre) / 268 (Rehabilitation Centre)

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