Laboratory, National Institute of Mental Health, Sri Lanka

Opening Hours: Every Day (7am-6pm)


  • The aim of the laboratory is to provide timely and accurate lab results using fully automated analyzers. Internal and external quality control is performed daily and monthly respectively.
  • OPD laboratory service.
  • In-ward laboratory service.
  • Haematological analysis.
  • Microbiological analysis.
  • Biochemical analysis.
  • Special investigations are sent to NHSL-RIA lab and MRI.

Laboratory Investigations List

CategoryTest NameType of SampleLab
HaematologyFull Blood Count - FBCBloodNIMH
HaematologyErythrocyte Sedimentation Rate - ESRBloodNIMH
HaematologyBlood PictureBloodNIMH
HaematologyProthrombin Time - PT / INRBloodNIMH
HaematologyBleeding Time - BT / Clotting Time - CTBloodNIMH
HaematologyActivated Partial Thromboplastin Time - APTTBloodNIMH
HaematologyBone MarrowBloodNIMH
HaematologyBlood Grouping & RHBloodNIMH
BiochemistryFasting Blood Sugar - FBSBloodNIMH
BiochemistryRandom Blood Sugar - RBSBloodNIMH
BiochemistryPost Pradnial Blood Sugar - PPBSBloodNIMH
BiochemistryOral Glucose Tolerance Test - OGTTBloodNIMH
BiochemistryOral Glucose Challenge Test - OGCTBloodNIMH
BiochemistrySerum Electrolyte - Na+ / K+BloodNIMH
BiochemistryBlood UreaBloodNIMH
BiochemistrySGOT / ASTBloodNIMH
BiochemistrySGPT / ALTBloodNIMH
BiochemistryAlkaline PhosphataseBloodNIMH
Biochemistryg-GT - Gamma GTBloodNIMH
BiochemistrySerum Bilirubin (Total/Direct/Indirect)BloodNIMH
BiochemistrySerum Protein (Total / S. Albumin)BloodNIMH
BiochemistryCK.NAK (CPK)BloodNIMH
BiochemistryC Reactive Protein - CRPBloodNIMH
BiochemistryLipid Profile (Total/TG/HDL)BloodNIMH
BiochemistryDengue NS1BloodNIMH
BiochemistryUrine Full Report - UFRUrineNIMH
BiochemistryUrine hCGUrineNIMH
BiochemistryStool Full Report - SFRStoolNIMH
BiochemistryCerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Full ReportCerebrospinal FluidNIMH
MicrobiologyUrine Cultire & ABSTUrineNIMH
MicrobiologyBlood Culture & ABST (Send to IDH)UrineNIMH
MicrobiologyPus Culture & ABSTSwab of WoundNIMH
MicrobiologyStool Culture & ABSTStoolNIMH
MicrobiologySputum Culture & ABSTSputumNIMH
MicrobiologyCSF / Other Body Fluids Culture & ABSTCSF / Body FluidNIMH
MicrobiologyAcid Fast Baccilli / AFBSputumNIMH
MicrobiologyInfluenza AntigenSputumNIMH
BiochemistrySerum FerritinBloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistrySerum Iron / Total Iron Binding CapacityBloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistrySerum ElectrophoresisBloodMRI/NHSL
HaematologyHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography - HPLCBloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistrySerum CortisolBloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistryUrine for MicroalbuminUrineMRI/NHSL
BiochemistryProstate Specific Antigen - PSABloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistryFSH / LH / Testosterone LevelBloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistryProlactin LevelBloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistryHepatitis A, B, and C (Antigen & Antobdy)BloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistrySerum Calcium / PhosphateBloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistryToxoplasma / ToxocaraBloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistrySerum CeruloplasminBloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistryRheumatoid FactorBloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistryHIV / VDRL / TPPABloodMRI/NHSL
BiochemistryFilarial Antigen Test - FATBloodMRI/NHSL

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