ECT NIMH Sri Lanka

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri (8am-4pm) & Sat (8am-12pm)


  • The main aim is to minimize unnecessary admissions and keep patient with their family to enrich their mental health.
  • Provides Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) as a day service.


  • This service is provided from Monday to Saturday including public holidays.
  • Patients can be referred for day ECT from OPD / Clinics / Day Treatment Centre by a consultant psychiatrist attached to the NIMH who is responsible for the overall management of the patient.
  • Psychiatrists from other institutes can refer a patient for Day ECT only through a NIMH consultant psychiatrist with a completed pre-ECT assessment form and ensuring that the patient is fasting and the necessary investigations are available.
  • Patient should arrive on or before 7.30 am accompanied by a relative who will be in close contact with the patient for the next 24 hours and personal transport should be available for the patient to return home after ECT.
  • The patient’s informed consent and the concurrence of the accompanying relative has to be obtained.
  • Any patient developing complications during or after ECT shall be admitted to the NIMH under the care of the referring consultant psychiatrist.
  • If a patient does not comply in the next appointment for more than a week; the course is considered over unless the patient or a relative correspond with the relevant the unit.

Telephone Extension: 119

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