Nurse Training School NIMH Sri Lanka

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri (8am-4pm) & Sat (8am-12pm)


  • The aim of the Nurse Training School is to provide nursing education for mental health and conducting psychiatric nurse training programme for student nurses and staff nurses from various government hospitals in the country.
  • Hostel facilities for a maximum of 150 students.
  • Student Mess.
  • Community awareness programmes.
  • Volunteering activities in major NIMH events.


  • The main student nurse training programme is conducted for the student nurses for five weeks period who are attached to government nursing all over the country during the second year and third year of their three year nursing diploma programme.
  • A similar programme is also conducted for a one month period for the nursing officers of Ward Management and Supervision Training Programme and for the nursing officers of Teaching and Supervision Training programme in Post Basic College of Nursing, Colombo.

Telephone Number: 0112568491

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