I would like to warmly welcome you all to the new and improved website of National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the largest tertiary care hospital in Sri Lanka caring for patients with mental illness.

From the time of my appointment as Director in late 2015, I have been investing my time in activities which builds the knowledge, skills and attitudes of my staff as well building infrastructure for patients. I plan to make improving visibility of this great institution and its staff of one my main aims in the coming years. This new look website will certainly help in these aims.

NIMH is a busy institution forever engaged in promotion, prevention, cure and rehabilitation of people and their families affected by mental disorders. It is heartening to note the team culture that is being built in NIMH and the realization that without a combined effort we cannot succeed.

In addition to the key focus areas of staff training, team building and infrastructure development there have been many highlights over the years. We have seen a lot of community support for ward management and community related activities such as World Mental Health Day. It’s heartening to note the appearance and functions of the Halfway Home have been greatly enhanced through many initiatives which you can read about in the website.

None of these activities can be achieved without the dedication of the 1,200 full-time staff working tirelessly around the clock. Apart from the Director and Deputy Director the dedication of our Consultants and our Medical Staff, Nursing Staff, Paramedical Staff, Administrative Staff, Other Staff and as well as the Support Staff must be appreciated.

I welcome you to visit not only our website but also to think about how you can do your part to help the mentally ill.

Dr Dhammika Wijesinghe

Director, NIMH


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