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A help to the mental health of health workers working in the face of the Corona epidemic. Sri Lanka Association of Psychologists helps health workers in front of Covid-0712578578

The Conflicting Reality and Stigmas of Bipolar Affective Disorder

Bipolar Affective Disorder (BPAD) is perhaps one of the most stigmatized mental health conditions around the world. In the Sri Lankan context, the ill-perception that those battling it receive along with labels fuelled by unawareness such as “dangerous, abusive, and unstable”, has set the premise for a very bleak reality for them.

1926 Chat Line

A Mental Health Chat Service by the National Institute of Mental Health Sri Lanka

NIMH as the National Centre for Training

Even with the Covid 19 Pandemic ongoing NIMH has not forgotten one of its fundamental duties as the national centre for training in Psychiatry and Mental Health. Postgraduate and Undergraduate training of Medical Officers and Medical Students as well as Post Basic, Undergraduate and Basic training of Nurses and Nursing Students are still ongoing

ECHO E-Learning

National Institute of Mental Health in collaboration with Project ECHO, University of New Mexico and The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto and Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists conducted the 1st online teaching/learning session on the ECHO model on 19th March 2021. The 1st ECHO E-Learning Session was the theme ‘1926: Beyond […]

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