National Institute of Mental Health in collaboration with Project ECHO, University of New Mexico and The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto and Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists conducted the 1st online teaching/learning session on the ECHO model on 19th March 2021.
The 1st ECHO E-Learning Session was the theme ‘1926: Beyond The Line’ discussion to be based on cases of Mental Health Helpline. Presenter was Senior Registrar in Psychiatry, Dr. Iresh Perera, Clinical Moderator was MOIC of 1926, Dr Charith Pathirana. Overall coordinator is Consultant Psychiatrists Dr Pushpa Ranasinghe. Technical coordination was by Health Informatics Section, Planning and Development Unit. The agenda was as follows.
10am – 10.10am Welcome to inaugural ECHO Session by Director NIMH, Dr Dhammika Wijesinghe
10.10am – Guidelines of ECHO Session by Clinical Moderator
10.20am – Introduction of participants
10.30am – Presentation by Dr. Iresh Perera
10.45am – Discussion by participants
The session closed at 11am. All discussions did not identify any client as per the ECHO model.
It is hoped that this ECHO model will be a regular feature in the teaching/ learning calendar of NIMH