Planning & Development Unit

Planning Unit NIMH Sri Lanka

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri (8am-4pm) & Sat (8am-12pm)


  • The Planning & Development Unit ensures all Ministry requirements in Planning and Project Management are met.
  • It consists of sections in Planning, Quality Management, Public Health, Disaster Management, Health Informatics, Media Coordination, & Infection Control.

Planning & Quality Management:

  • Direct coordination  with Director on all matters of the hospital which require planning.
  • Participation in all main committee meetings of NIMH.
  • Date surveillance on clinical incidents.
  • Surveillance on adverse events reporting.
  • Clinical Governance: Meeting held monthly to review the clinical outcomes of the hospital.
  • Maintenance Unit: The maintenance team looks after the day to day running repairs of NIMH.

Public Health:

  • Supervision of the waste disposal system and the sewerage.
  • Liaised with cleaning service and supervision of the general hygiene and the cleanliness of the hospital premises.
  • Preventive activities such as identification of Dengue breeding sites and fogging activities, preventive measures taken to reduce head lice, body lice, flies and other entomological issues in collaboration with public health inspector.
  • Monthly meetings with head of the units addressing current issues and solutions with the help of infection control nursing officer (ICNO).
  • Health education to staff and outsiders.
  • Injury Surveillance as per Ministry of Health NCD Unit guidelines
  • Technical supervision and coordination for the activities of ICNOO and PHI.

Disaster Management:

  • Deployment of health staff for relief medical work and psychological first aid (e.g. Kelani River Floods affecting the Kolonnawa and Kaduwela MOH areas and “Salawa Blast”).
  • Preparation and Implementation of Disaster Preparedness Plan.

Health Informatics:

  • Focal point for all data needs of NIMH. 
  • Maintaining eIMMR System.
  • Maintaining Admission Record Information System.
  • Maintaining Gender Based Violence Information System.
  • Maintaining Health Net (web based information system to collect performance and facility information).
  • Overseeing data entry of HRMIS (Human Resource Management for Medical Officers) and HRIS (Human Resource Information System for All Staff).
  • Preparation of Clinical Governance meeting.
  • Maintaining website & email.
  • Focal point for health informatics related hardware, network, and software specifications.

Infection Control:

  • Consultant Microbiologist supervises the work of the Infection Control Nurses (ICNO).
  • Daily ward rounds according to the Infection control checklist and supervision in related to out-breaks, general hygiene, hand washing practice and waste management.
  • Conduct monthly liaison nurse meetings.
  • Conduct quarterly Infection Control committee meetings.
  • Health education programmes for staff.
  • Conduct wound care clinic every Friday.
  • Hepatitis B vaccination programme for clients and staff.

Telephone Extension: 419 – 420

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